MotD Albertosaurus

Albertosaurus is one of the main villains in March of the Dinosaurs (along with Gorgosaurus). They appeared as black theropods with feathers, resembling Tyrannosaurus. They somehow look like Gorgosaurus in the film, but the narrator identifies them as Albertosaurus in the film. They hunt in packs in the film. Hungry pack members killed several Edmontosaurus members and one of them was going after Scar. A branch caught on fire and landed on the Albertosaurus and it tried to shake off the flames. Scar managed to get out of the avalanche, but the Albertosaurus got washed away. It survived the avalanche, however, and went back to kill Scar. The elderly Edmontosaurus gets bitten on the neck and tries to drop the Albertosaurus to a chasm, but h does not seem to have the knowledge of his own death. The Edmontosaurus refuses to help Scar and dies along with his attacker. The rest of the pack's fate is unknown.