March of the Dinosaurs 2

Edmontosaurus was a subspecies of herbivorian dinosaur that existed in the Arctic during the late Cretaceous period 68-76 million years ago. They appear as the main protagonists and deuteragonists in the film March of the Dinosaurs.

In Real Life Edit

Edmontosaurus was a real-life subspecies of herbivorous dinosaur that lived in the Northern regions of North America during the late Cretaceous period about 68-76 million years ago. They feasted on any leaves, but during fall and winter seasons they fed off of whatever was left for them to eat. When winter came, the dinosaur migrated south and stayed there until summer returned in the north. Like every other dinosaur in the Cretaceous period, Edmontosaurus became extinct and many died along the migration trail.

In the Movie Edit

The Edmontosaurus herd, aside from Scar, consists of the protagonists and deuteragonists. They first appear living together in the Arctic summer, but their summer paradise slowly fades in the north, causing them to migrate south. However, during their journey, the herd is attacked by Albertosaurus (a relation of Gorgosaurus), causing them to lose many members. Alongside them, they are accompanied by a Pachyrhinosaurus herd, and they occasionally cause each other problems, but they seem to be friendly toward each other at different times, exemplified by when Scar was travelling alone, he walked behind a female Pachyrhinosaurus and she didn't seem to mind. At the end of the movie, the Edmontosaurus herd made it south, and reunited with Scar.